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Jim Barnash CFP® of Choice Advisors Is Proud to Serve the Members of Community Trust Credit Union

A Financial Goal Without A Tax Plan Is Just... A Wish

Life is full of tough choices. We are focused on providing you with valued guidance and simple solutions. 

When it comes to personal finances, life is filled with stress, distraction, and uncertainty. For many, these challenges are compounded by the complexity of tax laws and the confusion of financial and insurance products. 

With our integrated planning approach, our consultants are able to help you navigate these waters and set you on your path to financial wellness.


"Every tax plan needs a financial plan. Every financial plan needs a tax plan."


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James Barnash, CFP®

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Jim is a veteran of the investment and insurance business for over 30 years. He earned his Certified Financial Planner designation in 1992 and has served as President and Chairman of the Financial Planning Association, both nationally and local.

During his career Barnash built his own practice right out of college, sold it and moved into leadership and management for several firms in the industry. In 2015 Jim decided to go back to his roots and build a personal practice. From his time in leadership roles Jim learned that tax planning was extremely important to successful financial planning and investment management. Jim studied to become a licensed tax preparer and has added tax planning and tax preparation to his securities, insurance and planning skill sets. He is now co-owner of the Northbrook, Illinois based Focused Tax Solutions franchise.